Alec Bradley Fine & Rare

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First Box Pressed Fine & Rare
featuring 10 different tobaccos, this masterpiece is only entrusted to a single duet of master rollers. Because of the precision necessary to construct this blend, only 150 cigars a day are produced, with a total production of twenty five thousand cigars. Only 2500 boxes of ten will be produced for Global Distribution.

When he founded Alec Bradley Cigar Co. in 1996, Alan Rubin named the company after his two sons. Now he’s releasing a new cigar made in honor of his father, David, who died last year at the age of 91. This new cigar is box pressed, a first for Fine & Rareand it’s another nod to David Rubin. “My father always told me business was like a squared circle: you have to buy the product correctly, you have to be able to sell it, bill it and collect your money. And you have to do it again,” said Rubin. “It was a lesson he always taught me.”

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